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Tragedys and Improvements

posted May 26, 2015, 9:39 AM by WPLS Editor   [ updated May 27, 2015, 10:21 AM ]
We have had a very busy and complicated few months. For starters our dear friend Justin Shaw editor of the newsletter(WheelTapper) and website has left the country for some work on a yacht in the Philippines, since he has left the website, WheelTapper and all contact with the other clubs has been standing still. Luckily we got hold of Justin and I Adriaan have taken over the responsibility of looking after the website and maintaining contact with the other clubs. Our chairman has taken over the wheel tapper until someone else is found.

Another setback is that our traverse has been stolen and the power hoist can not go all the way to the rail which leads to the turntable. The weekend we saw the traverse was stolen was the weekend before running day, and without the traverse there was a big gap between the loading bay and the rail leading to the turntable. We had to improvise with a little engineering ingenuity, we built a little ramp which would enable you to load the locomotive onto the power hoist and then from the power hoist to the turntable (see pictures) 

Some improvements in progress are cleaning up the railings at the station (see pictures). They are being sanded and then painted Black Coast Coat as the base and will then be painted another top layer as the final colour.
We have also cleaned and painted the power hoist with Coast Coat as the old paint was in very bad shape and the power hoist has started to rust.